Superba Krill Oil Review

Superba Krill Oil Review

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Is krill oil like the type present in Superba Krill Oil much better than fish oil? There’s lots of hype surrounding the product. Before we discuss is krill oil much better than fish oil, first allow us to have a look in the roots of the oil.

This oil comes from the small shrimp like crustacean known as Euphausia superba. It is of 1cm to 5m long and it is found close to the bottom of the oceans. The krill employed for removing oil are often acquired from the Atlantic sea waters that are free of pollution.

Now, some point to notice here is that the krill plays a huge role within the oceanic food chain. The unregulated gathering that’s happening with the organism will certainly deny the larger creatures of the sea out of this meal source they rely on for survival. Seafood gathering however, is controlled by strict rules which make certain no environmental damage is performed.

However, most typical oils based on seafood can be found in a semi-synthetic triglyceride form which is not nearly as good as the phospholipid from krill oil in Superba Krill Oil will come in. Still, you will find good seafood oils which come within an ester form that’s nearly as good as the phospholipid one. This means that this point does not tilt the total amount in almost any single oil’s favor.

The actual response to the question if krill oil much better than fish oil, is based on their effectiveness, that is, just how much benefit they offer to the health. This is when the space starts to widen. Truth is – it is the DHA Omega-3 content in these oils that’s accountable for the health advantages credited for them. It is the DHA that enhances our brain, safeguards our heart and offers support in joint disease.

The DHA content of krill oil is around the lower side. One bottle of the oil typically consists of around 30,000 mg oil of that only 2,700 mg are DHA fats. This isn’t a sufficient quantity and it is not so advantageous. Great oil based on seafood however, would contain around 60,000 mg of oil in a single bottle. Using this, almost 15,000 mg could be DHA fats – which make it a really healthy choice. So, answering if krill oil in Superba Krill Oil much better than fish oil will be left to you.

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